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A big "THANK YOU" from the Speedway Snowmobile Club


Information for landowners:

  1. Pursuant to WI State Statute 895.52(2)(b), landowners are not liable for any injury occurring on their property when they have granted permission for snowmobiling, nor does the owner have any responsibility to keep his property safe for such activity.  Copies of the Wisconssin snowmobile laws are available through the snowmobile club or here.

  2. The snowmobile club has insurance of $1,000,000 on ALL trails.

  3. Our club is run by a group of volunteers who keep our trail system in shape by brushing the trails, marking them with signs, maintaining our grooming equipment and grooming the trails in the winter time.

  4. The club makes every effort to inform and educate all snowmobilers to respect the property that our trail system is on.  We realize at times, inconsiderate people will NOT adhere to respecting these rules.  If you should ever have a problems, please feel free to contact the club.  We will do our best to address any concerns you may have.

  5. Signs are put in 1st part of November and taken down at the end of the snowmobile season.

We hope this information clarifies there is no liability on your part and we truly appreciate your sharing of your land for our trail system.  Again, THANK YOU from the Speedway Snowmobile Club.

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