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Snowmobile Trail Pass and License


The Wisconsin Legislature along with input from the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs has come up with a plan to fund snowmobile clubs and the trail system.  This legislative bill is known as CAPSTEP.  Starting July 2015 all Wisconsin licensed snowmobiles will need an annual trail pass along with their registration.  If you are a member of a Wisconsin snowmobile club and AWSC, the cost of the resident trail pass is $10.00 per snowmobile.  Non-club members will pay $30.00


The intent of CAPSTEP was to help fund state clubs and to promote membership within the clubs.  If club membership keeps dwindling there will be no trails!  Along with joining a club, members need to get involved in running the clubs and help with putting in the trails.  This is a lot of work performed by a very few members.




DNR Regulations

Please Note: Non Club members - $30 ($50 - out of state) trail passes can be purchased online through the DNR or any authorized dealer.  Please go to to order ($30 Trail Pass) online or call 888-936-7463 for information.


Antique sleds DO NOT need to purchase a $10 Tail Pass.  Call the WI DNR - for questions or information.


AWSC club members can order a ($10) Trail Pass through the AWSC website -

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